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Dental Cleaning
Village Smiles, LLC offers affordable dental cleaning services for children and adults of all ages, in a relaxed environment. A proper routine dental cleaning includes the removal of plaque and tartar and can prevent cavities, gingivitis, tooth decay, and other health issues. 
Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which is present in water sources. It can help to prevent tooth decay by strengthening teeth and repairing the enamel. Fluoride can replenish lost phosphorous and calcium which can help to harden teeth. 
Holistic & Natural Options
You will find a variety of natural dental care options when you visit our Limerick, Maine dental office. We carry bamboo toothbrushes which are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly, organic tooth powder, and more.
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Dental sealants are used to prevent tooth decay, and are usually applied to the back teeth (the premolars and molars). Dental sealant is a thin coating which quickly bonds to the nooks and crannies of the teeth, forming a protective barrier over the enamel.
Referrals to Oral Health Specialists
As Independent dental hygienist, we depend on other oral
health specialists to complete any other necessary care other than dental prevention.
 Village Smiles will work closely with your current favorite Dentist or Specialist to make sure you are being cared for properly. If you do not already have a Dentist we would be happy to connect you to a dental provider that is convenient for you and accepts your dental insurance.
Denture Services
We clean and evaluate your denture or partial for care if needed. Also during this appointment, we will educate you about how to take care of your denture or partial. We
always do an intraoral and extraoral exam at every visit, to ensure any sores or discolored spots in the mouth are addressed.
Periodontal Cleanings
If you have been diagnosed with Periodontal disease, or you have signs and symptoms, Village Smiles, LLC can help. We offer specialized, affordable periodontal cleanings, which are deeper cleanings and reach below the gum-line to remove tartar buildup and help to prevent additional bacteria growth.
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Teeth Whitening
Dreaming of pearly whites? Village Smiles can help you feel confident about your radiant smile. We offer safe and effective teeth whitening options which take into account your whitening goals, and the health of your teeth and gums. 
Nutritional Counseling
We know that good nutrition leads to a healthy body and stronger immune system, but often forget to consider nutrition for our oral health. Aside from the obvious things which we should avoid, like sugary sodas, did you know that some foods are actually beneficial for your teeth and gums? Protein, calcium, and Phosphorus rich foods offer many benefits. Ask us how you can improve your smile with nutrition. 
Village Smile is proud to be sharing office space with both Saco River Dentistry and Denture Solutions, they would be wonderful options to help you with any of your dental needs.
Oral Hygiene Education &
Children's Dental Care
Healthy oral care practices and habits start at a young age. Independent Dental Hygienist and Village Smiles, LLC owner, Teresa Crandall is passionate about educating children, adults, parents, and teachers. She visits local schools, helping children and teachers learn about oral health. Oral hygiene education is important at all stages of life. Taking care of your smile is not only important for your health but also for your quality of life. A healthy mouth equals a healthy body, and a healthy body is a happy one!
Village Smiles, LLC offers children's dental cleanings and dental care in a welcoming, and child-friendly atmosphere. With a coloring station, toys, and books while they wait, kids are able to learn early on that the dental office is a safe and healthy environment. 
Implementing good dental health practices now will help ensure for a healthy smile well into adulthood. We encourage you to schedule your child's first appointment as early as when their first tooth arrives, this is important to establish a good relationship with the hygienist. We also take great pride in treating entire families from sisters, brothers, parents, extended relatives, grandparents...our elders, and patients with special needs.
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Children's Dental


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